Wedding Planning Checklist | The Ultimate Wedding Guide

There’s a diamond sparkling happily on your finger and everyone you know is asking “So, when’s the big day?” While wedding planning is a big task to undertake, it can be broken down into a range of little steps that will make the experience less stressful and more fun. Sit down with a glass of wine, grab that calendar, and let us walk you through the steps to a beautiful wedding.

Pick a Wedding Venue

The big question! Weddings are all about location, location, location. Once you’ve picked a spot, it all flows from there, so grab some brochures! Large wedding venues can generally cater for big or small guest lists, so whether you’re planning an intimate family ceremony or the biggest party of the year, you’ll be covered!

Wedding Catering: MenuS

Food, glorious food. Nothing keeps guests happier than a wedding reception with mind-blowing catering. NKB offers a huge range of catered packages, including canapés, a la carte menus, and platters. Remember to check out some drinks packages to keep the night flowing merrily.

Pick a date

Summer or winter? Soon or far off on the horizon? The timing of the wedding dictates how long you’ll have to plan everything, so think carefully about when you want to tie the knot!

Find a Florist

Flowers can make your dress pop, brighten up the function room, and freshen up the whole day. Think about what colours you’d like your wedding to be (yep, you have to colour coordinate!), and hunt around for a Brisbane florist that can make those bouquets sing.

Organise a wedding Photographer

Photos are the window back to your special day. They’ll hang on your walls, sit in the family albums, and be the reason your kids point at a picture one day and mumble, “Wow, you used to look so young!” Long story short, you want the photos to do your day justice, so seek out a professional wedding photographer with an extensive portfolio.

plan your MC

It’s usually a good idea to pick an MC who knows you and your forever-partner-to-be. That way, the event will feel more personal and enjoyable to both you and your guests. If you can’t think of someone to put up there (or you just don’t want any embarrassing stories on the night), there are tonnes of local MC who can cater to whatever you need.

Pick the perfect wedding Ring

They’re not just there for a quick exchange after your vows – after all, those bad boys will be on your ring fingers from here on out. Pick carefully!

Organise wedding Entertainment

Ahh, the age-old conundrum: DJ or band? There are bucketloads of entertainment experts in Brisbane, and generally your venue can lend you a hand in sourcing out names. Lots of bands and DJs have sound samples on their websites these days, so grab some headphones and get listening!

Invitations & Guestlist

Remember: you’re paying for every head at this wedding, so write your guest list with care! Plan ahead to order your invites and send them out with plenty of time. Getting earlier RSVPs will reduce your stress factor later on.

choose the right wedding Cake

Have your cake and eat it too. Searching for the perfect wedding cake leads to the best part of wedding planning: tasting samples! At Nantucket, we have an in-house pastry chef who can take care of the cake for you, which frees up your time to focus on other things.

pick your wedding Dress/Outfit

Brace yourself, because this will probably be the most time-consuming part of the event. Along with the inundation of “Have you picked your dress yet?” questions, you’ll also have to drag your bridesmaids along to pick out styles, try on outfits, and find a tailor who can fit you in. Don’t worry: the walk down that aisle makes it all worthwhile.

Hair & Makeup

One of the final steps of your planning will probably involve searching Pinterest for hair styles and eyeshadow colours. Take the time to have some fun – model some different looks with the girls, play with colours at home, and book an artist who can make it all nice and easy.

After some emails, some meetings, and probably a fair few glasses of wine, you’ll start seeing the big day shaping up into everything you dreamed it would be.